Municipal and Community Cultural Centre in Kosów Lacki is a local Culture institution that carries out its statutory tasks in the dissemination of culture and art in the city and community of Kosów Lacki accordance with the Law on organizing and management of cultural activity of 25 October 1991. (Dz. U. Nr 114, poz. 493). Business outpost was set up by Resolution No. XII / 42/76 Commune National Council in Kosów Lacki of 19 October 1976. regarding vocation and adoption of the Statute of the Municipal Cultural Centre in Kosów Lacki. On its registered activity center receives an annual grant from the City budget and Municipalities of Kosów Lacki. The main task of the activities of the Municipal Cultural Centre in Kosów Lacki is:

  • creating conditions for the development and dissemination of culture, cultural education and education through art.
  • presentations achievements and profiles of regional and national artists, promotion of communal culture and art,
  • forming patterns and habits of active participation in culture,
  • addressing cultural offers for different audiences,
  • cooperation with educational institutions - educational operating in the
  • municipalities and other institutions and houses of culture,
  • attracting as many buyers offered cultural proposals.

Cultural Centre's offer is addressed to all social and age groups.Events organized by the Municipal and Community Centre held in accordance with the approved schedule of events. A party activity center culture is based primarily on the organization of various cultural projects organized within their organizational capabilities and inancial as well as funds raised from sponsors. In addition to basic business center raises cash for renting the hall for shows commercial, youth and family events. These measures are intended to statutory activities of M-GOK.

Due to the limited financial resigned from the organization events with the participation of professional artists. Amateur artistic groups operating in our municipalities and willingly occur in most events. We use the help in the organization from educational institutions of various kinds projects. Events are organized mainly of local and county. Dominated events and entertainment - playful, greeting, folk, and traditional celebrations of all sorts of church and state holidays.

In the lobby of cultural center, open year-round exhibitions and expositions of various

subjects, which are very popular among visitors. Rooms of cultural centre are very intensively used for classes Artistic organized within the framework of existing extracurricular activities at the resort. Our rooms are used by all social organizations operating in municipalities and institutions to gather for meetings, conferences, trainings, courses, sessions of the City Council and Municipality, etc.

Proper implementation of substantive tasks under the Statute of the Town - Municipal Cultural Centre is made possible by the strong commitment of employees and instructors and good cooperation with the City and Municipalities, Library, Police, Councillors, the local Parish Priests, Schools, Kindergarten, Volunteer Fire Brigade, sponsors and supporters of the M-GOK.

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